A subsidiary company 

of Sony Music, Greece.




“Showhat” is an production company undertaking events such as award ceremonies, concerts, avant premiers, parties and festivals. The company’s office space is 400m2. The brief included working offices for 8 people, plus a separate manager’s office, a meeting room, a large space suitable for in-house events and  concerts. Split levels provided the possibility of placing the offices, docking stations, event space, meeting room and traffic area on the ground floor. This space was designed in a such a way as to become modular with the use of dividers.  This allowed low for an adjustables sense of either concentration or collaboration according to specific needs. The second level took on a more private character enabling the creation of a quieter space for the manager and his close associates. The project was developed in collaboration with architect D. Zacharias. Following the receipt of proposal, “Showhat” has put the entire assignment  on hold due to financial difficulties.