Flat Restoration 

High end center of Athens.



-3D model development and supervision

-Architectural layout plans and construction plans

-Unique furniture design

-Sourcing, procurement and decorative elements

-Supervision and coordination of construction suppliers


This project was about restoring a 1950’s flat in one of the most prestigious areas of Athens. It called for a reevaluation of space usage resulting in new design layout. This entailed the novel design of bathrooms, kitchen and inlayed furniture compatible with existing aristocratic flat elements. 

Fresh furnishings covered key features such as the fireplace, bookcase, entrance boudoir, W/C, closets, lighting features, radiator coverings, wooden floors as well as details such as custom made door hanldes. Electrical and plumbing work was also carried ou as part of the new design layout. Project duration 8 months.

Project completion in collaboration  with architect D.Zaharias.



Dinning area.

Custom designed light.

Overlooking dinning and living areas

Fireplace-Living area.

Master bedroom

master bedroom space

Master bedroom cupboards.

Everyday space.