Caffeteria- Pizza- Bar - 3 floors.

Athens center.


-Interior Design, custom made all furniture and special features.

-3D model development.

-Architectural layout and construction plans

-Sourcing, procurement and decorative elements

-Construction, supervision, and coordination of 

construction suppliers 


The client had a vision of a woman called Amada from the 1930’s and the Café was to be her home. Situated in an early 1900’s building, it consisted of an Art décor interior with a café, a restaurant and bar spread out on three levels. The ground level café was separated into two spaces including a long zinc bar and self service area on one side and a seating area with a large mirror and lovely wall mural on the other.A wooden staircase led onto the second level where a wood burning oven introduced customers to the restaurant. The creation of small seating booths with art décor posters in wooden frames made for a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The third level featured another zinc bar with stools and small seating areas. The representation of a previous epoch necessitated special attention as none of the required features and decorative elements were readily available.  With the exception of the US imported lamps and the on line sourcing of posters,everything else was custom made. This included the exclusive design and  fashioning of all furniture, chairs, tables, brass elements, lift façade and glass dividers. Project duration 8 months.


Il Grand cafe di Amada



Entrance from inside

Hand painted mural-caffeteria

Custom made zinc bar top.

Bar-Caffeteria overview.

BAr-self service area.

1st floor dinninr area.

Art Deco posters in wooden framework.

Wood pizza oven.

Dinning 1st floor.

Dinning 1st floor.

2 nd floor-Bar.

Dinning Drinking