A selection of design propositions that for various reasons never took place.








1998-1999           Architectural office ’Architektonofilia”.

1999-2000          “Habitat” Furniture department.

2000-2002         “Orasis” T.V and production company. Art director, and                                          producing event drawing plans.

2003-2004          Collaboration:KLMF architects office, interior designer. 

                            D. Zaharias architects, interior designer.





14 years’ experience in Interior design, including all stages of the business and design process, these include: the understanding of a client’s brief and their expectations, the formulation of a powerful concept that will “stand out”, creation of architectural layout and construction plans, 3D model develoment and supervision, customised and original furniture design, decorative items selection and depending on nature of assignment the project management: supervision of construction,suppliers and tradesmen.



2011                    “Bluefiled burger” burger house in Bahrain.

2010                   “Showhat”, a subsidiary company of Sony Music Greece.

2010                   “Square Sushi”, restaurant northern suburbs of Athens.                 

2010                   “Athens Plaza Hotel”, Athens.

2009                    Two villas, in Athens and Porto Heli.

2007                   “Vasileiou Museum” shop proposition.

2004                   “Oxu” publications, office proposal.



2013-present   “Morethanthis” design shop on Andiparos island

2012                   “House on the hill”- House on Ios island

2011                    “Rigani” Meat Bar on the island of Ios

2011                    “Boo” cafe in Athens.

2010                     Flat restoration in the high end center of Athens.

2003-2010         “Cake” shops chain, Athens (5 shops)

2008                  “Delitopia”, delicatessen in the southern suburbs of Athens.

2008                   “Pero’s” coffee bar on the island of Kefallonia

2007                   “Amada Café”,  restaurant bar, Athens.

2005                    Flat restoration,Plaka Athens.

2003                    Traditional house on the mountain of Pilio.

2001                   “Sergakis”, jewellery office, Athens.

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