Morethanthis is a design space focused on the promoting of new upcoming Greek designers.  Housed on the island of Andiparos, it is a small collection of Greek designers from all fields of design. Jewelry, pottery, drawings, furniture, lighting, designer’s items, bags and anything that a Greek designer does it well is more than welcome in the shop. The space is designed with a simple, minimal, clean cut aesthetic using treated earth materials with all furniture and lighting self-designed, creates an interestingly designed space that holds on to a small stare. 


The space was created as a personal need to create design as well as to promote our small but strong design skills. It is a result of Interior designing -free lancing for many years and wanting to take things to a different level by recreating my needs. This space enables the need of a designer to expose himself in a safe home that not only holds their design on the level that it deserves, but is also pictured it the right environment.