5 Shops, Athens. 



-3D model development and supervision

-Architectural layout and construction plans

-Unique furniture design

-Sourcing, procurement of suppliers and decorative items

-Construction, supervision and coordination of construction work



“Cake” originally started out as small store in the high endcentre of Athens. The initial idea behind the store was to create a cozy atmosphere, a cross between an Ex en Provence and a New York cake shop. At the time stores reminiscent of this style did not exist in Athens. The idea was well received and the success of the store led to the franchising of the business maintaining design as one of its core branddifferentiators.  Today, the “Cake” chain includes four stores that adhere to initial design blueprints. Project durationand design adaptations per store, 2 months.




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10 Aiginitou str.

Ilissia 115 28 Athens,



Tel. +0030 697 4352893