Lower Level _ dining room

Ios island.




-Architectural layout and construction plans

-Unique furniture design

-Construction, supervision, and coordination of construction suppliers.



Situated on the very most high point of the Village of Ios Island, this is an old sheepfold on the ground floor that later on in time a floor above it was built with one extra level. The builders have sustained the thick walls and the old logs of wood combined with straw on the ceiling, so the surroundings of the house are traditional and old. 

A general restoration was needed here in order to make it a livable summer home. Between the two levels a very small opening was the only thing that existed that provided access between levels. The opening was made bigger in order for it to be usable unfortunately due to the wood layering on the ground ceiling only a restricted opening was manageable. The very old stair/ladder was restored adjusted and painted a powerful red to brake the stillness of grey and white. A home set up was created in order to transform into a home, sleeping area uplifted on a wood construction, pagades (a traditional built-in seating often seen in traditional architecture) were created in order to provide a sitting area, a balcony space on the first level, and an eating area with an outdoor garden area on the ground floor. Lighting and minor decoration items such as dividing curtains between sleeping and living area, pillows and throws, and some furniture have been placed but more is yet to be done.


House in the town of Ios island